This past weekend Jason and I had a blast in Spain representing The Jubilee Project. We were selected as one of the winners for the Ford Focus Global Test Drive competition by submitting a video in support of City Year, a non-profit service organization for young leaders to help children stay in school. For the prize, we received $10,000 to donate to City Year and an all-expense-paid trip to Madrid, Spain. Unfortunately Eddie couldn’t come with us because he was organizing The Jubilee Project DC concert, which drew over 200 people and a lot of energy and excitement.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

The test drive was divided into four main competitions: Faster, Safer, Smarter and Greener. For Faster, we had to drive as fast as we could while being able to turn sharp corners and make u-turns comfortably. This is where professional race car drivers, like the guy who did stunts in “Tokyo Drift” and “Iron Man 2,” taught us how to race and drift.

For Safer, we had to navigate the car around some cones and big inflatable beach balls. Our last obstacle was to hit a gigantic inflatable soccer ball into the goal.

For Smarter, we had to make a music video that included the Ford Focus. Our video, called “Focus on Family,” that we did with Givology ended up winning! This picture is of us with Jason and Michael Pollock who won $500 for their video. We, on the other hand, got these really heavy crystal bricks that airport security kept examining thinking they were some kind of weapon.

Finally for Greener, we learned about how to drive in a more fuel efficient way. Overall it was a fun trip and we had a chance to meet a lot of great entrepreneurs and philanthropists doing good all around the world. We learned a lot and did things with a car that we would’ve probably never done. Now we feel a bit more comfortable if we’re ever caught in a high speed car chase.

JP love in Toledo, Spain. New video coming soon!

Thank you to Ford Focus for hosting such an amazing event and thank you to everyone there for supporting The Jubilee Project. You guys inspire us!