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We often talk about spreading the love at The Jubilee Project because we believe that Doing Good is Contagious and we should all be loving/kind to everyone. I just wanted to share a quick story from earlier this month that’s too good not to share.

Recently, Eddie and I were walking through Washington Square Park in NYC  scouting out some new locations to shoot a short. (We happened to run into several #jubileevers which totally made our day!) But as we were preparing to leave the park, Eddie grabbed me and said, “He’s about to propose!” Sure enough there was a couple standing near the Arch and the guy had a rose and ring in his hand. I pulled my camera out just in time to catch the girlfriend’s shock and joy as she said yes. I continued to snap away as they embraced and celebrated. It was a really special moment. We shared these photos with the couple but I wanted to share one of the photos with you all too.

I hope this photo is a simple reminder that if we look hard enough – love actually is all around. #SpreadtheLove


We had a blast at Rice University last weekend for our first college tour stop. Eddie and I flew in the day of the event, while Jason wasn’t able to join us because he’s still in Africa. Eddie actually flew in from Africa and was still jetlagged but pulled through despite being super exhausted.

The event was put on by Rice’s Chinese Students Association group and they did an amazing job organizing the presentation and the dinner afterwards. There were about 100 people in the audience who were engaged and asked a lot of good questions. Some of topics of discussion that came up included mental health problems in the Asian American community and pursuing an interest in the arts and humanities while juggling being premed/predental.

We had some great conversations, especially during dinner when we were able to talk personally with people, and really came away feeling energized and optimistic about our tour!

Thanks for having us!

We wanted to give a big thank you to all of you for helping us get Letter of Hope featured on YouTube. It was also ranked #1 top rated this past week in the nonprofits and activism category. And the thing is, we couldn’t have done this without you guys so we appreciate all of your love and support =D

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