Why do you make videos?

We believe that videos are a powerful catalyst for change. Our goal is to create entertaining videos that are fun to watch and that will inspire, enable and empower others to do good as well. Our videos advocate for important causes by raising awareness, fundraise for social-impact organizations, and spotlight ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

No offense but I can find all of that on Youtube. Why should I watch your videos?

Our vision starts with you and doesn’t stop when you finish watching a video.

For our advocacy and spotlight videos, we package them with articles and links that you can explore and learn more about for a specific issue. For our videos that fundraise for social-impact organizations, we allow individuals like you to become sponsors who pledge to donate 1 penny per view we receive on those videos. That means if we get 100 views, a sponsor would donate $1, but if we get 100,000 views, a sponsor would donate $1000. But don’t worry you can always set a cap!

We call our model “Active Viewership.” By integrating the appeal of online videos with a spirit of philanthropy, we have created a model that draws on your attention and engagement. This model only works because of people like you who watch our videos.

That sounds nice but does this actually work?

To date, we have created 25 videos that have raised over $23,000 for 11 non-profit organizations. Our videos have highlighted issues related to human rights, HIV/AIDS, the Haiti earthquake, widows and orphans in Liberia, refugees in North Korea, deaf children in America, Hepatitis B awareness and education for the underprivileged.

But none of this would be possible without you. We need your help to watch our videos, share them with your friends, and also start making your own videos. We believe that #DoingGoodisContagious and that all of us have a role to play in making this world a better place. Help a cause. Make a video. Spread some love.