Thank you for the tremendous support and response to our short film “For All the Times”. We had been discussing this film idea for a while and we were really glad to be able to finally share it with everyone. Many people have asked where our inspiration for the story came from.

Believe it or not, “For All the Times” is actually based on a true story. When Eddie and I were young, we used to live in New Jersey because our parents were attending graduate school there. For my 7th birthday, I desperately wanted to celebrate with a pinata like many of my friends from school had. When we went to the store to buy one, however, they were far more expensive than my mother had anticipated and she told me we couldn’t afford it. I was heartbroken.

That night, Mama Lee spent the entire night creating a pinata from cereal boxes and construction paper using rice in place of glue. I woke up the next morning surprised by a new pinata on the kitchen counter. I was overcome with conflicting emotions of gratitude and shame; I appreciated the time/effort my mother had spent, but I was embarrassed because it didn’t look like any of pinatas from the store. Only later, when my friends began gushing about how cool and different my pinata was, did I truly appreciate my mother’s masterpiece.

“For All the Times” captures a very simple story about a young boy who fails to appreciate his mother’s love. During the production of this film, I was constantly reminded of how I continue to take my mother’s love for granted. I hope that this film reminds people of their mother’s incredible love and inspires them to celebrate their mom everyday, not only Mother’s day.

Watch the film here: For All the Times