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We often talk about spreading the love at The Jubilee Project because we believe that Doing Good is Contagious and we should all be loving/kind to everyone. I just wanted to share a quick story from earlier this month that’s too good not to share.

Recently, Eddie and I were walking through Washington Square Park in NYC  scouting out some new locations to shoot a short. (We happened to run into several #jubileevers which totally made our day!) But as we were preparing to leave the park, Eddie grabbed me and said, “He’s about to propose!” Sure enough there was a couple standing near the Arch and the guy had a rose and ring in his hand. I pulled my camera out just in time to catch the girlfriend’s shock and joy as she said yes. I continued to snap away as they embraced and celebrated. It was a really special moment. We shared these photos with the couple but I wanted to share one of the photos with you all too.

I hope this photo is a simple reminder that if we look hard enough – love actually is all around. #SpreadtheLove


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