Our college tour season has kicked off. Our next tour stop isn’t until September, but we had the opportunity this past weekend to go to Denver for the UNAVSA conference, which stands for the Union of North American Vietnamese Students Association. They invited us to perform during the entertainment session of the evening gala, but since we don’t really know how to sing or dance, we do what we do best. Show videos.

You might be wondering why a Taiwanese guy, me, and a Korean guy, Eddie (Jason is in Africa and couldn’t join us), was at a Vietnamese conference. After understanding more about UNAVSA and what it stood for, we felt like our visions couldn’t have been better aligned. We were both all about empowering today’s youth to make a difference in the world. A lot of the conference workshops focused on some of the salient issues facing our community, such as the model minority myth and human trafficking, issues that deeply concern us as well.

Since this was our first stop on our tour, we were a bit anxious about how our presentation would go. We ended up showing 3 videos, including sneak previews of 2 videos that haven’t been released yet, and gave a talk about the use of social media to create social change.

Overall we felt welcomed by the hospitality of the conference and had a great time getting to know everyone, staying up almost the entire night afterwards chatting and jamming. The energy and enthusiasm of all 300 conference attendees were incredible, as you can see below, and we feel so blessed to be a part of UNAVSA family now.