My friend passed this along to me, sharing that “It’s a documentary film project about a rogue eye doc in rural China that is trying to give disabled rural citizens a chance to see. The story really spoke to me because my grandfather was the sole ophthalmologist in a small fishing village with a similar giving spirit.”

I checked it out and found the personal stories in here touching and the courage of the doctor admirable. You can find the video below and the campaign page here. Help them raise more funds to give the gift of sight to those without it.

Description: China’s rapid economic development has left behind vast rural areas still fighting for basic survival needs.

This is the story of a Chinese doctor’s personal sacrifices to bring transformative healthcare to the forgotten rural communities of Ningxia, China. It is an intimate portrait of how he and two disadvantaged local youth retain resilience and hope in the face of enormous social and economic pressures that threaten to unravel their lives.