This year for Mother’s Day, don’t forget to show some love to the moms around you by sharing with them this special message.

For every view that we get on this video, our sponsors will donate a penny to Every Mother Counts, an organization dedicated to improving maternal health in developing countries. Together, let’s help build a world where children won’t have to live without moms.

Also, check out Every Mother Counts and their PSA on the importance of maternal health because “out there, there’s a mother that needs you right now.”

Founded by Christy Turlington Burns, Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase support for maternal and child health. Every Mother Counts seeks to engage new audiences to better understand the challenges and the solutions while encouraging them to take action to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide. The keystone of the campaign is, an interactive platform providing the tools to raise awareness, education, and action.