Our concert tour this Spring of 2011 is now officially over! In the past two months we hit up DC, New York, Philly and Boston. In between we made another stop in Boston for the BUCSA Takeout Benefit Concert with the likes of Wongfu, David Choi, Clara Chung, Jennifer Chung, Joseph Vincent, Jason Chen and more. It’s been an incredible 2 months and we are just very thankful for all of your support and love, whether you were able to make it out to the concerts or not.

The best part about all of this was meeting people and making new friends. We’ve been touched by the stories you’ve shared, encouraged by your smile and laughter, and excited about all the new ideas and insights we’ve gained. You guys help sustain us and keep us going. Never hesitate to contact us with your questions, stories and ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

With Rooftop Pursuit. These guys were troopers. They performed at all of our concerts! Be on the lookout for the release of their new music video