Just wanted to repost an article written in Mashable about us and our friends over at Givology.


The Jubilee Project, a non-profit production group that makes videos for a good cause, created the winning video entry above for City Year, a charity that helps kids stay in school.

The non-profit’s founder, Jason Y. Lee, said the $10,000 donation from Ford “will have a tremendous impact on the work [City Year does] for education in urban communities. This money will translate directly into more volunteers, better resources and an overall improved education for children around the nation. In America, a child drops out of school every 26 seconds. Even if this money ensures one less child gives up on school we believe it’s worth it.”

So it’s clear the charities will benefit from the deal, but will Ford? Will winners actually talk up the car while they have it on loan? We asked Lee if he plans to spread the word about the Focus when he returns to New York. His answer: “We’re brainstorming several ideas for our new Focus, from holding a concert or gala to hosting an online video contest which encourages others to get involved as well. … I’m sure there will be no shortage of friends who will want to borrow it.”

Read more here: http://mashable.com/2011/03/15/ford-focus-social-good/

Thanks for the love and support!