One of the highlights of my day is getting emails like this one from Rosa:

Hey guys !
I saw the video “Love Language” and was absolutely thrilled and inspired by it. I Loved it.
I’m not sure if you guys actually read through your emails becuase you probably receive quite a lot daily.
But, well. June 2010, I went downtown to shoot videos for my english Public Service Announcement assignment.
And this is how I made a difference. (Or attempted to)
I also made a video response with that video so I hope either this email or the response will be noticed by you guys :)

I’m 16 years old, grade 11. My name is Rosa from Ontario, Canada.
Thanks for your attention, hope you enjoy my video.

You are doing great things for the world.
never stop.


It’s emails like this one that inspire us. Remember, doing good is contagious. Spread the love. Here’s her video!