WongFu Productions and Ryan Higa have shown that you don’t need to have astronomical budgets and a motley of personnel, agents and bureaucracy to produce popular, high-quality videos.

Phillip Wang, Wesley Chan, and Ted Fu of WongFu Productions and Ryan Higa are prominent young, Asian American YouTube stars who have been doing it big for many years. Their most recent video together, “Agents of Secret Stuff,” received over 8 million views. That’s a number many independent filmmakers out there can only dream of and yet they make it look so easy. These guys are arguably the pioneers of legit YouTube videos.

I remember watching WongFu’s “Yellow Fever” Freshman year of college and since then they have only raised the bar for what YouTube videos can be. Higa isn’t too shabby himself. He’s the most subscribed to individual on YouTube, with over 3,000,000 subscribers – more than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber – and was featured in a recent NPR article on the changing landscape of digital media:

“As the entertainment world fragments across a growing number of platforms, some of the biggest winners have been rogue, online video personalities and producers. YouTube is a central platform, and many of its best-known stars, like Higa, happen to be Asian-American…People, especially through YouTube, they’re finding types of entertainment that are just from people that are just like themselves — or people that they can relate to a little bit better than some unattainable movie star or TV star.”

If you haven’t heard of these guys, it’s about time you did. Check out WongFu and Higa’s video, “Agents of Secret Stuff”: