The Jubilee Project boys went on a retreat this past weekend into the heart of our nation’s capital, Washington DC. It happened to be a weekend where all 3 of us were free so we decided to do a few film shoots and have an extended meeting to reflect about this past year and talk about our goals for the future.

On Saturday morning, Jason came in from New York City and I came in from Boston and we met up with Eddie to do a shoot of our next video coming out in early February. Without giving away too much, the video is called “Beautiful” and will be raising awareness and money for Becky’s Fund, an organization dedicated to combating domestic violence. We had a chance to meet the founder, Becky Lee, who also happened to be the runner-up contestant on the TV show “Survivor Cook Islands,” as well as Yul Kwon, the winner of that season’s show. Following the shoot, that evening we attended a Sulu DC concert, which featured a bunch of Asian American artists and performers, and we had a chance to meet a lot of cool bands and filmmakers.

On Sunday we shot another film to raise awareness for bullying, watched the Jets beat the Patriots, and enjoyed the rest of the night at a Korean spa called Spa World. It was my first time at a Korean spa, and we had a relaxing time in the saunas while enjoying some Korean food and bubble tea. Here we are doing some JP work at Spa World. So studious.

This past year we’ve partnered with 13 non-profit organizations, received a total of 312,558 views, had 2,321 subscribers, and raised a total of $8,095 for various causes. We want to thank all of you for your support and encouragement. But our work is just beginning and we’re really excited about this upcoming year, especially working with you guys to continue making videos for a good cause and making a difference in our communities.

JP love.