The Jubilee Project will be launching our January Fundraiser soon to raise money for Services for the Underserved. The video we are releasing is called 50 people 1 question. Please subscribe to find out when the video comes out.

Founded in 1978, Services for the UnderServed (SUS) has gained a reputation for helping individuals and families faced with a wide range of challenges—mental illness, developmental disability, physical disability, AIDS, homelessness, unemployment and poverty.

This is how you can help Services for the Underserved:
1. Become a sponsor of the video (coming soon). By signing up to sponsor the video you will donate 1 penny per view that the video receives in January. So if the video is watched a hundred times in the month, sponsors will each donate 1 dollar, and so forth. Remember that you can put a cap on how much you donate. Just let us know in your email how much you want to cap your donation at.
2. By simply watching the video you can help the cause. Each time you or your friends watch the video, a certain amount of money will be donated depending on how many sponsors we get. So if there are 5 sponsors, each view will generate 5 cents for the cause.

The video was inspired and produced with the consent of 50 People, 1 Question (