I’m Liesl Tan and I’m from Malaysia, a multiracial country that’s between Thailand and Singapore.

I suggested this wild idea, not knowing if it would work out or not. I had the epiphany when I couldn’t sleep on the first night before a very important examination. I got excited, and hence, I still couldn’t sleep! I suggested it to a friend, I got volunteers and lo and behold came this day.

The idea? Inspired by The Jubilee Project and the Pay It Forward movement, a bunch of us random kids went around 4 different housing areas [USJ2, USJ4, SS14, SS18] to pass out free water bottles to the underserved: namely the public workers who keep our roads clean and neat, security guards and garbage collectors. A fellow politician told us a story about how our people wouldn’t give a cup of water to those who knocked on their gates. Christmas seemed like the perfect ‘excuse’ to give free water bottles, so why not?

We met outside school and made our way to a friend’s house where we divided everyone into groups to target specific groups of people and divided the bottles to put into our backpacks. We headed off in USJ2 and came back with almost no more bottles. We gathered resources again and moved on to USJ6. Almost all people took the water bottles with gratitude and thankful hearts. Some were confused yet took it. Some just refused probably thinking it was poisoned or something. Even policemen refused to take our water bottles!

After a good lunch at Subway, 4 troopers left due to inconvenience since SS14/SS18 were far from where they stayed. Only 3 left to cover the entire SS14/SS18. By God’s strength we covered most of it but we ran out of water bottles!! :(

No one crashed, got kidnapped or ran over by a vehicle! Praise God. :D Though we came back with aching buttocks, sore legs and tired backs, we were all proud of what we did. I was very proud of everyone. Many people wouldn’t have done what we did.

The aim of the project was to show kindness to public workers. I can assure you many people don’t realize how clean and free from dead leaves our streets are if it weren’t for the public workers. People just don’t bother. Sure we had many worries before the journey like rainy weather and the dangerous streets but I committed the whole thing into God’s own hands. God showed me that the humble will be made great. I hope the underserved felt great today. :)

All you need is a heart ♥. We all have one.

So what’s stopping you from doing something good today?