Another great response to “Love Language.” Thank you for sharing with us all of these warm thoughts and feelings. We really enjoy reading them and feel inspired by them. Keep them coming!


Every time I watch “Love Language”, I am reminded of a co-worker I met randomly one day. I was still new to my job and had wandered into an unknown hallway when she was coming towards me. She looked up, at which that moment I decided to ask her for directions back to my side of the building. She looked flustered as soon as I opened my mouth, covered her ears, and signed to me telling me that she was deaf. Since I was still new, I felt flustered as well and before I had a chance to apologize, she hurried away. I wanted to tell her it was alright but I haven’t seen her since that day. And now, when I watch this video, I think of her and how she must have felt.

“You’re still beautiful” is the line that brings the magic of this video to its final act. Not only that, it acts with dual purpose in my mind. To him, she is still beautiful even though she is deaf and he loves her regardless (as long as you love me by the backstreet boys briefly runs through my mind). As a solitary statement devoid of context, she IS still beautiful. Not just to him but to herself and everyone else around her, she is beautiful inside and out.

The characters are flirtatious but cautiously so, there are no grand gestures such as the guy learning sign language on his own and signing “I love you” to her from across the train platform but rather the depth of their relationship grows organically and at a natural steady pace. It’s refreshing to see something so subtle and quiet in comparison to the flashy antics of romantic comedies that are released today. Keep up the great videos for so many great causes. Because of you, I feel as though my eyes have been opened to so many opportunities of giving back to the community and I am grateful to live in a time where all of this is possible. And since viewing your work, even park benches have become a little more magical ;-)