We’ve received so many moving and inspiring comments for “Love Language” that we decided to post some of them here. If you have thoughts and feelings that you would like to share with us, please email us at project.jubilee@gmail.com

“I thought, well yea, sometimes it is hard to have a problem like deaf, mute, blind, or even if you’re broke your feet during a sport game and got a limp.. :( People sometimes didn’t even care!!
This short clip reflects.. “we should see the inner beauty, not only outside appearance, or the cover”
Yea, it’s hard.. But.. At least if we try, maybe we can change the world?”

“We’re drawn into the short knowing, hoping what will come. In today’s world of cyber-friends, online dating, etc., meeting someone in person seems almost impossible or even implausible. I enjoyed seeing the persistence shown by what a person will do to communicate with someone they’re attracted to.”

“I can hear, not completely, but hey what else can you do. I usually read lips for about lil over ten years now. if you are wondering i am completely deaf in my left ear and my right ear is like a good 85-90. so i still can still hear sounds just it get harder sometimes. I love this video, it made my cry. it hit me on a personal level.”

“This brought tears to my eyes :’) i am hearing. my boyfriend is deaf. and this reminds me of us. we’re planning to do a response to this video but make it about our story :) keep watching this video and support a good cause! Love never fails. It’s unconditional.”

“For whoever is confused as to why she said “sorry” it’s because he talked to her and she couldn’t hear him. You wouldn’t understand if you aren’t in the deaf community. I’m deaf and it’s hard sometimes. People don’t always respect you for it. And about the beautiful thing, he means it as “You’re still beautiful to me, you being deaf doesn’t change a thing”. That’s definitely love. :)”

If you haven’t seen “Love Language” or want to watch it again, check it out here: