As the 2010 NFL season begins, this Jubilee Spotlight features Tennessee Titan Safety Myron Rolle. Myron was never a typical athlete. He would spend the time between practices reading books and talking to professors. He stayed up late at night studying for the next biology exam while watching game films to prepare for the next game. He was forced to juggle his many passions, but that’s what he did best. Because of his hard work and persistence, his story is unique: he is a Rhodes Scholar and now an NFL player, being only the third player in NFL history to accomplish this feat.

But that’s not why we’re featuring him. It’s what he plans to do with this excellent opportunity that makes him shine in this Jubilee Spotlight. After college, he started the Myron Rolle Foundation, dedicated to the support of health, wellness, educational and other charitable initiatives throughout the world that benefit children and families in need. Through this foundation, he has directed the Myron Rolle Wellness and Leadership Academy and the My Way to Health Program.

After the NFL, Myron plans to go to Medical School to become a neurosurgeon. He is currently building the Myron Rolle Medical Clinic, which will provide much-needed health services to residents of Exuma, Bahamas as well as state-of-the-art wellness and training facilities for athletes and visitors.

It is clear that Myron is a gifted man. But what makes him stand apart from the rest is his tenacity and courage to inspire those around him by sharing these gifts with the world.

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